SCHEP Deputy COP & Institutional Development Lead: Hanadi Al Taher

Photo by A. Ghareeb and A. Albadareen (2020).

Hanadi Al Taher joined the USAID SCHEP team as Institutional Development Lead in February 2019, following a distinguished 23-year tenure with the Department of Antiquities of Jordan. Before joining SCHEP, Hanadi served as the Director of Studies and Publications at the DOA. Prior to that position, she worked as the Director of the Archaeological Site Management Directorate, where she contributed to Site Management Plans for Qusayr ‘Amra, Umm al-Rasas, Umm al-Jimal, and Petra. Previously, Hanadi was the Head of the DOA’s Studies and Research Section, where she also worked as a Researcher from 2000 – 2011. She has several years of experience in the field as Assistant Director of Excavation and Restoration of the Umayyad Medina Project at the Amman Citadel. Hanadi has a BA in Archaeology with a minor in Social Studies from the University of Jordan.

As SCHEP’s Institutional Development Lead, Hanadi plays a major role in supporting efforts to strengthen the capacities of SCHEP’s partners and other Jordanian heritage institutions through professional development programs and other activities including developing a new strategy for the Jordan Archaeological Heritage Sector. In April 2021, Hanadi became Deputy COP for SCHEP, a role she fulfills in addition to her work as Institutional Development Lead.


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