Operations and Administration Manager: Zovinar Mananian

Zovi in her ACOR office, 2019, photo by Barbara Porter

Zovinar Mananian joined ACOR as Administrator in June 2019.

Before joining ACOR, Zovinar spent over 25 years working within the Hospitality Industry inside and outside Jordan, mainly with Marriott Hotels.  She started her career as a secretary and gradually worked her way up into senior management positions. Her various roles included Reservation and Revenue Director, Rooms Operations Director, and Executive Assistant Manager.

Her assignments within Marriott Hotels took her to Romania, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Portugal, as well as Jordan her home country, where she worked in Amman, the Dead Sea, and Petra.

Throughout her career, Zovinar’s focus was directed towards high standards of operations and guest services, in addition to staff engagement and development, and as a result she received many awards for Revenue Management, Customer Satisfaction, Associate Satisfaction, Brand Standards, and Security Standards.

Working in Hospitality fueled her passion for travel and for being exposed to different cultures, and she ended up touring many countries such as the United States, Australia, Germany, France, Austria, Armenia, Poland, Italy, Holland, the Czech Republic, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Zovinar obtained her 2-year Private Secretary’s Certificate from the United Kingdom as part of a scholarship by the Jordan Medical Services due to her outstanding work performance while working for many years at the King Hussein Medical Centre prior to shifting careers.

Email: reservations@acorjordan.org

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