ACOR Hostel Overview

ACOR provides accommodation for scholars and students who visit and work in Jordan. These are usually double rooms and roommates are a possibility during times of high occupancy. Rooms have en suite showers and bathrooms. There are three two-bedroom apartments for families. Rooms are austerely furnished and space is at a premium. Telephones in each room only have local Amman access.

The room rate includes half board. There is a self-serve breakfast, buffet lunch served at 2:00 pm daily, and self-serve dinner (leftovers). The ACOR facility is a relaxed and scholarly setting. There are many common areas within the facility: the main kitchen, dining area, library, upstairs kitchenettes, lounges, etc., and this requires some compromise among the lifestyles of the residents to maintain the quality of life.

ACOR is located in the Tla’ Ali area of Amman, opposite from the University of Jordan. photo by Steve Meyer


Residents are required to help maintain the facilities to the highest standards. The houskeeping staff is limited and cannot clean all the common areas daily. Rooms are cleaned and bedding is changed weekly on a posted schedule.

ACOR residents who bring their own laptop computers and handheld devices benefit from high speed wireless internet service throughout the building. In addition there is a computer laboratory adjoining the lower library where residents can access internet, use standard software packages for data, image and word processing and analysis.

Scholars and fellows at ACOR may be awarded private research offices and can rent workrooms to facilitate activities, such as cataloguing archeological remains or holding regular small meetings that require space, quiet and security for a small team to work. Field research projects are supported with excavation equipment, surveying equipment, and storage facilities (pending availability).

Making your reservation at ACOR is simple. Determine your dates in Amman and request rooms preferably via e-mail or, if necessary, by telephone or fax. You can use the web form or send a message to ACOR Administrator Ms. Zovinar Mananian at

Your affiliation with a university, educational institution, excavation or scholarly program should be mentioned in the request. See the rate chart for approximate fees for rooms and services. ACOR will confirm your rooms and provide directions to find ACOR, if required.

Changing or canceling your reservation at ACOR is also simple. There is no booking charge, fee for cancellation or deposit required. We do ask that you e-mail or call if you need to change or cancel your rooms. We can possibly accommodate another researcher if you cancel your unneeded reservations in a timely fashion. Provide your name, address, phone and FAX number and e-mail in your communications. Reliability of communications in Jordan cannot always be guaranteed.

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