Project Facilitation

As described at the ASOR annual meeting in 2019, the times are changing and with it, ACOR must adjust some matters related to our project facilitation. Foremost, ACOR is pleased to continue such efforts on behalf of reputable and governmentally-approved projects. Due to increased regulation and oversight, significant efforts are required by our staff to do so and we now need to share these resultant expenses with the projects we facilitate.

As of December 1st, 2019, ACOR will assess a $100 processing fee for each funds transfer facilitated, effective December 1st, 2019. This fee is in addition to any exchange, wire transfer, credit card fee, or other charge(s) imposed by the processing institutions (i.e., banks). The fee is charged on each fund transfer to ACOR and will be debited immediately. Please note that the fee does not cover the full costs of ACOR performing such transfers, but helps to support such efforts directly.

As of September 1st, 2021, ACOR will assess a $45 labor charge for each subsequent batch transaction (beyond the first) related to the use or distribution of such funds. Again, the charge does not cover the full costs of ACOR performing such work, but helps to support such efforts directly.

If/as space is available, ACOR provides storage for materials, supplies, and material culture, usually between field seasons. An annual fee may be charged; fees may change from year to year. Storage is made available at the sole discretion of ACOR. Beginning January 1, 2024, all missions will be asked to provide an artifact disposition statement, on their host institution letterhead, prior to either renewal or provision of new space for archaeological or heritage materials. Full details are available in our abandoned property policy and form, a copy of which must be signed before ACOR will accept material for storage.

Abandoned Property Policy and Form (August 2023)

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