International Giving

Donating from the United Kingdom?

U.K.-based donors who prefer to mail a check or make a bank transfer (i.e., who would rather not donate via credit card online) are encouraged to write to to learn more about contributing to ACOR through the auspices of the Charities Aid Foundation.

Donating from Canada?

If you are from Canada, you can make a one-time or recurring monthly donation to ACOR through the American Schools of Overseas Research in Canada (CASOR). Please contact us to learn more. You can also make a stock donation to ACOR through CASOR using Canada Helps, and we will receive the full amount (exempt from capital gains tax). 

Make a donation online:

You can always make a donation directly via our website,, using a credit card. Should you have any questions or concerns about online donations, please contact the executive director (,, or phone us (703) 789-9231.

Thanks so much for your support!

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