Named Fellowships

The American Center of Research offers a number of “Named Fellowships.” These fellowships have been created by or in memory of special people from our community. Various kinds of work, nationalities, and experience are supported by each, in connection with the primary donor’s intent. It is possible a scholar may be awarded more than one of the named fellowships together.

“Named” Fellowships carry the name of the person or persons who founded the fellowship, or in whose honor/memory they were created, and endowment to operate in perpetuity.  You will find a short background of the namesakes of the named fellowships in the information contained in this menu (left).

A competitive annual fellowship application process results in cohorts of fellows who reflect a broad spectrum of disciplines as well as institutional, regional, and cultural backgrounds. The diversity of research topics is extensive, creating a dynamic environment that improves the educational exchange experience for all.

Our fellowship program has a long history of nurturing students and researchers as their scholarship matures through undergraduate and graduate study and then ultimately into professional academia. Some who first come to Jordan through an ACOR Named Fellowship, for example, later receive our graduate and postgraduate fellowships that allow them to continue or advance their careers.

We are honored to carry on the legacy of the individuals and families named here, as is each fellow awarded.

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