ACOR’s Strategic Pillars

Approved by ACOR’s Board of Trustees in Amman on 26 June 2018.

In November 2017, the ACOR Board of Trustees determined that it should undertake a strategic planning process. A survey was created in English and Arabic that was sent out to hundreds of stakeholders, providing valuable feedback. A strategic planning committee supported by an external consultant, many ACOR staff members, and others led the development of a Strategic Plan, which was approved by the ACOR Board of Trustees on June 26, 2018. The Pillars (below) serve as the aspirational summary of our Strategic Plan, defining ACOR’s focus over the next three to five years.

Pillar I: Advancing Knowledge

ACOR is a center for scholarly excellence in the field of archaeology and in other disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. ACOR serves a diverse set of scholars and students from North America, Jordan and other regional countries and has strong cooperative relationships with North American universities.

Pillar II: Preserving Jordan’s Cultural Heritage with Communities in Jordan

Through externally-funded programs, ACOR fosters cultural heritage activities as a significant part of its mission, by assisting the national government and local communities in preservation of significant sites through training and knowledge‑sharing with cultural heritage/tourism scholars, and shares Jordan’s rich history with global audiences.

Pillar III: Engaging Our Host Nation

ACOR has broad relationships in Jordan as well as deep relationships with key Jordanian national and local governmental agencies and academic institutions. ACOR strategically communicates with these agencies/institutions and more broadly in Jordan to ensure its mission and activities are understood by a diverse set of stakeholders. ACOR reaches out to and engages with many Jordanian academics and universities. Public outreach is focused on ACOR’s lecture program. While ACOR communicates primarily in English, ACOR also communicates in Arabic with some local audiences.

Pillar IV: Information Services – Library and Archive

ACOR’s library and archive are key resources for visiting scholars and students, Jordanian scholars and students and remote users. ACOR has a solid infrastructure, including high-speed internet connections; appropriate digital tools; investments in scholarly materials and select staff; concise and up‑to‑date policies on acquiring and preserving materials; and well‑designed research/learning spaces.

Pillar V: Supporting Our Future Needs

ACOR has the necessary financial, human and other resources (including infrastructure) to underpin its programs and needs to allow ACOR to serve its diverse stakeholders in Jordan and elsewhere.

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