Cover of bifold brochure for the public - Who and What Are We? April 2023

Who and What Are We? (public brochure, April 2023)

Welcome to ACOR 

The American Center of Research (formerly the American Center of Oriental Research) was established in 1968 to serve as a hub in Jordan for scholars of the region. Our history has a particular emphasis on archaeology, but includes robust support for historians, ethnographers, sociologists, political scientists, biologists, and various other scholars of literature, language, and the arts. In recent decades, we have expanded to promote and support research across a broad swath of the social, natural and physical sciences, humanities, and the arts.

Our mission is interdisciplinary, unrestrained by temporal and topical limits, and international: “Advancing knowledge of Jordan and the interconnected region, past and present.”
Today, we offer a wide array of programs and services for scholars and anyone interested in the region, including short-term visitors and long-term residents at our center in Amman. We encourage you to explore this website to learn more about our work, including: our mission and strategy, the Library and Photo Archive resources, the Residences at the American Center of Research, research and conference attendance via Fellowship awards, our print and digital publications, and the many ACOR-supported cultural resource management initiatives all across Jordan, such as our flagship USAID-supported project, SCHEP (Sustainable Cultural Heritage through Engagement of Local Communities Project). 

Two critical ways you can stay in touch with us and support our work include joining our mailing list and making a donation to the Annual Fund. More information about donations may be found here, including details on how to give internationally and how to set up recurring or future donations. In addition to the information on this website, you can also find updates from us on FacebookTwitterYoutubeInstagram, and LinkedIn

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