Mission Statement

Mission Statement (adopted by the Board of Trustees in November 2021):

Advancing knowledge of Jordan and the interconnected region, past and present.

Established in 1968, The American Center of Research (ACOR) is an international, non-profit academic institution, which advances understanding of Jordan and the region, past and present. ACOR facilitates the acquisition of knowledge through research and dialogue with an extensive library, archives, and residential facilities in Amman and with international fellowship and scholarship programs. ACOR promotes and supports research across a broad swath of the social, natural and physical sciences, humanities, and the arts. We do so through knowledge-sharing, including via lectures, digital resources, publications, workshops and training programs, archaeological research, and cultural heritage preservation. ACOR serves as a conduit for cultural exchange among students, professionals, and the public in Jordan, the region, and beyond.

You can read ACOR’s Strategic Pillars here

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