Honor Roll of Donors: Year-End Campaign (2020)

(October 1, 2020–December 31, 2020)

*Donations marked with an asterisk were made in honor of ACOR Ambassador Barbara A. Porter.
To see last year’s Donor Honor Roll (Fiscal Year 2020), click here.

$2,500 and above

  • Bert and Sally de Vries in memory of Mohammed Asfour
  • Elisabeth C. Dudley
  • Elizabeth Gebhard and Matthew Dickie
  • Carol Landes in memory of Rev. Dr. George M. Landes
  • Guillaume Malle
  • Jenna de Vries Morton
  • Anonymous*


  • Thomas D. Cabot in memory of Anne C. Ogilvy
  • Connie Christensen in memory of Terry and Arte
  • Edgar and Paula Harrell
  • Øystein S. LaBianca (Andrews University)
  • Linda K. Jacobs*
  • Nancy L. Lapp
  • Susan A. Sauer
  • Sandra A. Scham
  • Meg Pickering and John Schmidt
  • James R. and Margaret L. Wiseman
  • Anne and Stewart Dunn in honor of Barbara A. Porter and Carmen Humi Ayoubi*
  • S. Thomas Parker*


  • Cari J. Clark
  • Douglas R. Clark and Carmen L. Clark
  • Geoffrey A. Clark in honor of Humi Ayoubi
  • Geoffrey H. Coll
  • Thomas W. Davis
  • David Hale
  • Randall L. Hoffman
  • Joshua Kyle
  • Randolph B. and Josephine Old
  • Jennifer Ramsay
  • Suzanne Richard
  • Peter and Sylvia Sauer in memory of James A. Sauer
  • Doug and Catherine Silliman
  • Sandra R. Smith


  • Mitchell Allen
  • Björn Anderson
  • Jon W. Anderson
  • Joseph A. Bruder IV
  • Wesley and Virginia Egan
  • Patricia L. Fall and Steven E. Falconer
  • Seymour Gitin in honor of Humi Ayoubi
  • Edward W. Gnehm, Jr.
  • Gemma S. Hall*
  • Hasif Hijazi in honor of Zovinar Mananian
  • Lysbeth A. Marigold
  • Jennifer Olmsted
  • Megan A. Perry
  • Barbara A. Porter in memory of Artemis Joukowsky
  • Mohammed Sawaie
  • Warren C. Schultz
  • Lita and Lola Semerad
  • Joab Simon
  • Pamela H. Smith
  • Richard and Dorette Viets in honor of Marina L. Viets


  • Betty Anderson
  • Jim Barnhart
  • Robert and Mette Beecroft
  • Martha Boling-Risser and Bob Risser in memory of Bob and Jean Boling
  • Marcia Boraas in honor of Miriam Boraas Deffenbaugh
  • Roger Boraas in memory of Aina and Roger Boraas
  • Julie R. Bradford*
  • Bill Burns and Lisa Carty
  • James Callahan in memory of Susan Long Callahan
  • James and Martha Clark
  • Michele V. Cloonan
  • Pearce Paul Creasman
  • Nicole Currier
  • Nancy E. and Daniel C. Gamber
  • Jack Green and Akemi Horii
  • Mrs. Willoughby Greenwood
  • John R. Hale*
  • Prudence O. Harper
  • Robert F. and Sarah P. Hayman
  • Ellen Herscher
  • Valerie Hird
  • Charles O. and Ellen Porter Honnet
  • Kathy and Walter Jamieson*
  • Donald Keller and Margaret Sablove
  • Gene and Dale Kenney*                              
  • Christoph Knoch
  • Stephen Lintner and Pamela Johnson
  • Joan Porter MacIver and David MacIver in honor of Humi Ayoubi
  • Noor Mulder-Hymans
  • Jenifer Neils*
  • Carla Appel Nesbitt
  • Dwight and Chris Porter
  • Gary O. Rollefson
  • Barbara C. Sampson and William L. Hamilton
  • Seteney Shami
  • Sara Shelton
  • Maria-Louise Sidoroff
  • Steven Simms (The Steven and Hadley Simms Father/Daughter Giving Fund) in memory of Kenneth W. Russell
  • Sally B. Strazdins
  • George and Robin Tzannes*
  • Theresa and Thomas Whetstine in memory of Dr. Donald Wimmer
  • Patricia S. Worthington and James C. Dehnert

Up to $100

  • James and Judith Adams
  • Laith Al Qasem
  • Neal Bierling
  • Bonnie Lee Crosfield
  • Edward Curtis IV
  • Sarah Harvey in honor of Humi Ayoubi
  • Paul and Brenda Katerberg
  • Sara M. Knight
  • Nina Köprülü
  • James and Judith Lipman
  • Drew and Carol Luten
  • Hazem Malhas
  • Stanley M. and Phemie C. Maxwell
  • Robert E. Mittelstaedt
  • Patsy J. Musto
  • Nanette Pyne*
  • Robert W. Shutler
  • Timothy Snow
  • Andrew G. Vaughn
  • Nancy Webster*
  • Ray Wiley*
  • Irene Winter*

In-Kind Donations to the ACOR Library

Robert Schick; Katharina Schmidt; Thomas M. Weber and Ammar Khammash

ACOR extends our profound gratitude to these supporters, who have made our achievements this last year possible. If you have not yet made a donation to ACOR, please consider doing so online or by check to our U.S. office in Alexandria, VA.

ACOR is a nonprofit academic organization registered with the government of Jordan and as a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization by the United States Internal Revenue Service. ACOR is supported by grants, contributions from foundations, corporations, and individuals as well as by ACOR endowments.

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