ACOR has supported, managed, and conducted archaeological and heritage development work at the historic and ancient port town of Ayla (modern Aqaba) since the 1990’s. Greater detail will be forthcoming, but until then you can learn more about the area in this interactive experience:

(created by MarEA project of the University of Southampton and Ulster University)

And read more about the ACOR / University of Chicago excavations, led by Prof. Donald Whitcomb:

ACOR: The First 25 Years (1993), pg. 42–44
ACOR Newsletter Vol. 5.2 (1993), pg. 13
ACOR Newsletter No. 3 (1990), pg. 5–6

To search images of Ayla/Aqaba in the ACOR Photo Archive, click here.

Click below to view a 23-minute presentation on “The Economy of the Nabataean and Roman Port of Aila (Aqaba): A Diachronic Perspective,” originally prepared by Prof. S. Thomas Parker for the “Archaeology of Petra and Nabataea” session of the ASOR Virtual Annual Meeting 2020.

To learn more about ACOR’s heritage development work via our USAID-funded SCHEP project, please see: http://usaidschep.org/en/page/59/AYLA

USAID SCHEP Publications about Aqaba

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