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Three years after the center’s founding in 1968, in 1971, ACOR awarded its first official fellowship. Since then, the center has made over 1,000 academic awards to students, faculty, and researchers of numerous disciplines and scholarly trajectories. Below we are pleased to share a full roster of ACOR alumni.

Note: As the below data is based on over five decades’ worth of both paper and electronic records, there may be an occasional error! If you notice a discrepancy in any of this data, please feel free to contact us so we can make the necessary correction.

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wdt_ID Award Year First Name Last Name Award* Project Title
1 1971-1972 James A. Sauer ASOR Heshbon Pottery, 1971: A Preliminary Report on the Pottery from the 1971 Excavations at Tell Ḥesban (published 1973)
2 1972-1973 Bert de Vries ASOR Architectural Survey of Umm el-Jimal
3 1977-1978 David McCreery ASOR
4 1978-1979 Gary Rollefson ASOR Late Acheulian Artifacts from 'Ain el-Assad ('Lion's Spring') near Azraq, Eastern Jordan
5 1979-1980 Vincent A. Clark ASOR A Study of New Safaitic Inscriptions from Jordan
6 1980-1981 Oystein LaBianca ASOR The Objectives, Organization, and Approach of the Ecology Laboratory Team at Maskhuta, Egypt
7 1980-1981 James Flanagan NEH
8 1980-1981 Robert L. Gordon NEH
9 1980-1981 David F. Graf NEH
10 1980-1981 Gary Rollefson NEH
11 1981-1982 Edward Banning ASOR Archaeological survey of the Wadi Ziqlab, Jordan
12 1981-1982 Linda Jacobs NEH Survey of Wadi Isal in South Jordan
13 1981-1982 Albert Leonard, Jr. NEH
14 1982-1983 Cherie Lenzen ASOR The Byzantine/Islamic occupation at Caesarea Maritima as evidenced through the pottery
15 1982-1983 Gerald L. Mattingly NEH
16 1982-1983 S. Thomas Parker NEH Research on the eastern frontier of the Roman Empire
17 1982-1983 R. Thomas Schaub NEH
18 1983-1984 Donald O. Henry NEH
19 1983-1984 Walter Rast NEH
20 1983-1984 Suzanne Stetkevych NEH The Arabic Qasidah and the Rite of Passage: A Study in Archetypal Criticism
21 1983-1984 David M. Jacobson Shell
22 1983-1984 David S. Reese Shell
23 1984-1985 Robert G. Boling NEH
24 1984-1985 Cherie Lenzen NEH Irbid/Beit Ras Survey; Khirbet Salameh
25 1984-1985 Albert Leonard, Jr. NEH
Award Year First Name Last Name Award* Project Title

*AWARD KEY—Former and current fellowship and scholarship awards have included:

ASOR: American Schools of Research (ASOR)–W. F. Albright Fellowship. 1971–1992.
ACOR Pub.: ACOR Publication Fellowship. 2011–present.
ASAIP: Arabic Speaking Academic Immersion Program (Mellon). 1991–1995.
ASOR Trvl: Jordanian Travel Scholarship for ASOR Annual Meeting. 2011–present.
Bikai: Pierre and Patricia Bikai Fellowship. 2006–present.
CAORC: Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC) Fellowship funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) (pre- and post-doc). 2001–present.
CIC: CAORC–CIC (Council of Independent Colleges)–ACOR Winter Seminar. 2004–2010.
CLS: Critical Language Scholarship Program for Arabic, funded by U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) and administered by the Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC). 2006–2012.
De Vries: Bert and Sally de Vries Fellowship. 2004–present.
Dodge: Dodge Fellowship. 1991–1993.
F-W: Frederick-Wenger Memorial Fellowship. 2007–present.
Geraty: Lawrence T. Geraty Travel Scholarship. 2021–present.
Groot: Jennifer C. Groot Memorial Fellowship. 1989–present.
Harrell: Harrell Fellowship. 1996–present.
JGS: Jordanian Graduate Student Scholarship. 2009–present.
Kress: The Samuel H. Kress Foundation Fellowship in the Art and Archaeology of Jordan. 1997–2010.
McD/Samp: Burton MacDonald and Rosemarie Sampson Fellowship. 2004–present.
Mellon: The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation East-Central European Research Fellowship. 2004–2011.
MESA: ACOR Fellow Middle East Studies Association (MESA) Award. 2016–present.
NEH: National Endowment for the Humanities Post-doctoral Research Fellowship. 1980–1990 and 1997–present.
NMERTP: United States Information Agency (USIA) Near and Middle Eastern Research Training Program (NMERTP) (pre- and post-doc). 1994–2001.
Russell: Kenneth W. Russell Fellowship. 1993–present.
Sauer: James A. Sauer Memorial Fellowship. 2000–present.
Shell: Shell Fellowship. 1983–1990.
Teagle: Teagle Fellowship. 1987–1990.
TWL: Temple of Winged Lions Publication Fellowship. 2019–present.
USIA: United States Information Agency Fellowship (pre- and post-doc). 1991–2000.
Winnett: Winnett Fellowship. 1993–1994.

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