Jordanian Graduate Student Scholarship

Up to four awards of $3,000 each to assist Jordanian graduate students with the annual costs of their academic programs during the period May 1, 2024, through May 31, 2025. Candidates must be Jordanian citizens and currently enrolled in either a master’s or doctoral program in a Jordanian university. Eligibility is limited to students in programs related to Jordan’s cultural heritage (for example: archaeology, anthropology, linguistics/epigraphy, history, conservation, museum studies, and fields related to cultural resource management). Awardees who demonstrate excellent progress in their programs will be eligible to apply in consecutive years. Required application materials include:

  • Completed application form
  • Project proposal narrative (up to 500 words, not including bibliography)
  • Transcripts(s) (first-year graduate students should submit both graduate and undergraduate transcripts)
  • One recommendation that must be from academic advisor

In this cycle ACOR will distribute one award of $3,000.

Deadline for applications is February 15.
Applicants will be notified in April.

About the Jordanian Graduate Student Scholarship (JGSS)

On the occasion of ACOR’s 40th anniversary in June 2008, the newly created Jordanian Graduate Student Scholarship program was announced. This scholarship program will contribute to the training of the future generations of Jordanian academics in research fields related to Jordan’s cultural heritage.

This scholarship is limited to Jordanian citizens currently enrolled in either a Master’s or Doctoral program in a Jordanian university. An important component of this scholarship program is the potential of ongoing support for exemplary students. Unlike all of ACOR’s foreign research fellowships, which have limitations on how frequently applicants may apply, these scholarships will be open for immediate repeat funding. Student awardees who demonstrate excellent progress in their programs will be eligible to reapply during each year of their continued enrollment in their graduate program. Priority of consideration will be given to the applications received each year from this pool of candidates.

The inaugural year of this program was the 2009–2010 ACOR fellowship cycle. Members of the ACOR Board of Trustees donated generously to fund this program.

To donate to this fellowship, please click here and write “Jordanian Graduate” under the “Additional Details” section of the donation form. 

Click here to apply for this fellowship.

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