Assistant Director (US): Dr. China Shelton

Dr. China Shelton in ACOR's Boston Office in 2016.
Dr. China Shelton in ACOR’s Boston Office in 2016.

China P. Shelton is the assistant director of the American Center of Oriental Research, US operations, based in Alexandria, Virginia. She received her B.A. from the University of California, Santa Barbara, as a double major in anthropology and the history of art and architecture and her Ph.D. from Boston University in archaeology, with a focus on Classical periods and archaeobotany. She has worked on archaeological projects in the United States, Israel, Spain, Austria, Albania, Italy, and Greece. She taught at Framingham State University for five years before joining ACOR, and her present research focuses on integrative environmental archaeology at Iklaina, Greece, and Morgantina, Sicily.


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