Assistant Director for Compliance & Publications: Noreen Doyle

Noreen Doyle holds master’s degrees in the fields of nautical archaeology (Texas A&M) and Egyptology (University of Liverpool), and a bachelor of arts in anthropology and art (University of Maine). She came to ACOR in March 2020 from the University of Arizona, where she worked first as a curatorial/museum specialist and then as a research specialist. Besides being a freelance writer and award-nominated editor of fiction and nonfiction covering a wide range of subjects and genres for all ages, she has served as the copyeditor and typesetter of the Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections. At ACOR Ms. Doyle employs her language and design skills to aid others in the creation of grant proposals, publications, and other documents.
Her areas of academic interest include—among many others—ancient Egyptian watercraft and nautical iconography, semiotics, religion, Bronze Age cultural interconnections, and animals in the ancient world, as well as the reception of Egypt/Egyptomania. Among her hobbies are photographing wildlife, birding, and collecting antique stereoviews.
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