Associate Director (Emeritus) : Jehad Haron

Photo by A. Ghareeb and A. Albadareen (2020).

Jehad Haron retired in June 2024, he was honored by Board of Trustees with the Title of Assocaite Director Emeritus.

Jehad Haron joined ACOR as the USAID SCHEP CHR development lead in July 2016, after a 24-year career with the Department of Antiquities. His time with the DOA took him from Wadi Araba to Azraq and everywhere in between, working as an Inspector of Antiquities, Chief of Bureau, Director of Excavations and Surveys, Director of Site Management, and Technical Assistant to the Director General. Jehad has experience in 22 international projects and 12 salvage excavations and has authored 2 books and numerous articles. In addition to his role as CHR development lead, Jehad served as the deputy chief of party for SCHEP from November 2018 until April 2021, when he was named associate director of ACOR. In 2023-2024 Jehad is the National Inventory Project Co-Director.

In addition to his positions within ACOR, National Inventory, and SCHEP, Jehad serves as codirector of the Bayt Ras Tomb Project.


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