Facility Manager: Abed Adawi

Abed Adawi manages the ACOR facility. He is the person who can fix almost anything that is broken, and his self-taught mastery of carpentry, electricity, and plumbing skills are put to daily use keeping the six-story ACOR building running smoothly.

Abed officially began working at ACOR in 1992, already starting then the routines that he maintains to this day, such as making a daily circuit of the outside perimeter of the building, and checking that the water tanks, boiler, and elevator are working normally.  For several years between 1995—1997 he lived at ACOR and was the night-keeper who received late arrivals to the hostel and managed the litany of tasks that are necessary to keep the research center and hostel running 24 hours a day.

As a teenager, before he finished his education and started his obligatory service in the Jordanian Army, Abed worked in the summers and on holidays supporting archaeological projects. For example, he worked washing excavated items (flints) at ‘Ain Ghazzal under Gary Rollefson and and helping the camp cook at the Roman site of Lejjun with S. Thomas Parker in the late 1980s.

Abed Adawi is married, has three children and lives in Zarqa, the second largest city in Jordan.

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