National Inventory Project Co-Director: Matthew Vincent

Matthew Vincent joined the American Center of Research in October 2022 as a project co-director for the National Inventory Project. He has been involved with the archaeology of Jordan since 2004, when he joined his first excavation at Tall al-’Umayri. Since that first season of work in Jordan, Matthew has been looking for ways to combine technology and archaeology to improve accessibility of information and resources and to improve how we work. Matthew has worked on everything from in-field data collection to photogrammetry and terrestrial laser scanning to balloon and drone-based aerial photogrammetry. In 2015, Matthew cofounded Rekrei (formerly known as Project Mosul), a crowd-sourcing platform for the preservation of lost heritage. Matthew is always interested in finding new ways that technology can serve cultural heritage, both for preserving our past for future generations and for advancing our ability to conduct research now. 

Matthew has worked on a variety of projects across the Middle East and Jordan, mostly focused over the last decade on digital documentation. Much of his more recent work has been focused on drone-based aerial photogrammetric capture, although there has also been a significant amount of work on databases, in-field data recording, publication, and long-term preservation of projects. He is always looking at ways to broaden his experience in the area of digital cultural heritage and is excited to see how the field continues to progress.


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