Facilitator: Sa’id Adawi

Sa’id Adawi is the ACOR facilitator, and in that capacity he has diverse responsibilities. He manages purchasing and oversees all of ACOR’s vehicles. He is also the primary staff member who interfaces with the Jordanian government and authorities, and in this role he assists long-term residents at ACOR to extend their Jordanian visas and interacts with the customs and tax authorities and with the banks on behalf of ACOR. His expertise on a wide variety of questions related to how to do or how to buy things in Jordan is greatly valued.

Sa’id has worked for ACOR for nearly thirty years. He officially began in 1988, after he finished his mandatory two years of service in the Jordanian Army.  Initially he assisted his father, Chef Mohammed Adawi, in the kitchen and keeping the center’s grounds. Starting in 1983, when he was a young teenager, he worked occasional odd jobs at the ACOR’s former location, a rental ACOR behind the 5th Circle in Amman.

Sa’id Adawi has three children and lives in Zarqa, the second-largest city in Jordan.

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