Archive Assistant: Dina Al Majali

Photo by A. Ghareeb and A. Albadareen (2020).

Dina Al Majali joined ACOR as an intern in July 2017 and then became an administrative and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) assistant. As a marketing and promotion officer under the USAID-funded Sustainable Cultural Heritage Through Engagement of Local Communities Project (SCHEP), she worked to plan, implement, and oversee campaigns, events, and trainings to help SCHEP-supported micro- and small enterprises (MSEs) increase their ability to build sustainable revenue streams and further their missions. As a key member of the tourism and economic development team, until December 2023 she contributed to SCHEP’s efforts to support local MSEs that create opportunities for employment and economic growth by connecting communities to their heritage.

Recently, Dina returned work with ACOR as an archive assistant, managing preparation of metadata, filtering for content, editing images using Photoshop, maintaining organization systems for ACOR’s digital collection, and contributing to translations from English to Arabic.


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