Archaeological and Preservation Projects Supervisor: Ala’a Al Badarin

Ala’a Al Badarin joined the American Center of Research in November 2022 as the archaeological and preservation projects supervisor. She received her MSc in heritage visualization from the Glasgow School of Art/University of Glasgow and has formal training in architectural engineering. Ala’a has been involved in managing and coordinating a number of rehabilitation projects, liaising with the Department of Antiquities, the Ministry of Tourism, and the Amman Municipality, among others. In addition, she has experience in developing visual communication, branding, and promotional materials. 

With an interest in the intersection of culture and technology, Ala’a studies ways through which cultural heritage information can be disseminated, managed, and preserved. Her thesis examines representational practices for digital heritage objects and the affordances that affect audiences’ notions of understanding and perception of the presented artifacts. She explores the prospects of presenting not only the material attributes and functions of heritage objects but also the potential of showcasing their connections to the people and cultures that make, use, and relate to them and how that can reflect on broader conceptions and emotional correspondences and can reconfigure our relationships with digitized cultural collections.


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