Research Assistant: Nora Al Omari

Nora Al Omari at ACOR in May 2021. Photo by A. Ghareeb.

Nora Al Omari is the SCHEP digital projects and TWL Research assistant. She completed her BA in anthropology with a minor in conservation and management of cultural resources from Yarmouk University in 2019. As an intern for the Temple of the Winged Lions Publication Project from December 2019 to September 2020, she worked on handling, documenting, and rehousing objects, as well as managing the digitization, rehousing, and cataloging of archival materials, including drawings related to the TWL. In October 2020, she joined the SCHEP Photo Archive Project as the SCHEP photo archival assistant. In this role, she supported the review of SCHEP photos and metadata preparation, filtering for content, editing images using Photoshop, maintaining organization systems for the collection, and contributing to translations from English to Arabic. With the end of the pilot phase of the SCHEP Photo Archive Project in March 2021, Nora transitioned to a new role as digital projects assistant. In this role, she is responsible for maintaining the SCHEP project’s audiovisual archive and preparing the materials for publication, as well as assisting on management of the SCHEP website and other digital projects.


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