Cesar Octavo

Service to ACOR: Head of Housekeeping (1996–2021)

Cesar was head of housekeeping at ACOR from March 1996 until his death in March 2021. Thus, for 25 years he was responsible for aspects of the well-being of the building and its residents. To legions of visitors (especially early risers) he was a constant and stable presence. He cared very much for ACOR and ensured that those who worked with him followed his ethos. When he first came to Jordan, he worked in the construction industry. Given his many years here, he was an unofficial elder in the community of expats from the Philippines.

He was born on December 23, 1949, in Kawit Cavite in the Philippines. His children are Ronaldo, Alan, Frisco, and Joanna, and during the course of his many years in Jordan he was able to visit them a few times. His last visit gave him the opportunity to spend time with grandchildren and enjoy the family compound. Fortunately, modern technology allowed him to stay in touch remotely. In his leisure time, he was an enthusiastic follower of boxing, a sport in which he was once involved. His absence at ACOR is keenly felt, and his spirit lives on in many ways in the building. He was a private person with a big heart, known for his kindness.

From left to right: Nilda Cañada Onsing, Cesar Octavo, and Judy Flores.
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