Carmen “Humi” Ayoubi

Carmen Matsuno Ayoubi at ACOR, 18 December 2016. (Photo by Barbara A. Porter.)
Service to ACOR: Librarian (retired; 1988–2020)

Carmen “Humi” Al-Ayoubi served as the ACOR librarian from 1988 to her retirement in 2020. Under Humi’s tenure, the library became an important hub and resource for U.S., Jordanian, and many international researchers, students, and professionals. Starting with just 3,000 titles when Humi began in her role, the library has grown to nearly 50,000 today. Among the major milestones and achievements that have taken place during her career are the addition of an electronic library database in 2007, the installation of compressed shelving in the lower library in 2015, and a major award from the U.S. Department of Education to support the ACOR Library Photographic Archive Project in 2016. As ACOR’s librarian, Humi played an important role in shaping the careers of many Jordanian archaeologists and cultural heritage professionals while providing support for Jordanian students and professors.

Carmen Al-Ayoubi attended the Catholic University of Peru followed by Indiana University in the U.S., where she completed both her master’s of science in library and information sciences and master’s of science in education. Before moving to Jordan, Carmen worked at the Indiana University Library as an assistant to the bibliographer of the Latin American Studies department. She then worked at the University of Jordan with Dr. Kamil al-Assali before joining ACOR in 1988.

Humi and her husband now reside between Amman, Jordan and Lima, Peru. 

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