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Today, we are looking ahead to the possibilities when our renovation is completed and we will be able to expand access hours and increase annual programming, reaching out to new communities who can benefit from free services, chief among them access to our library and free Wi-Fi. In fact, among many recent developments, perhaps the biggest impact the renovation will have is creating a new entrance to the building, dedicated to the library. Our hope is this will ultimately allow us to extend our public opening hours into evenings and weekends (availability of staff and funds permitting) and reach new user communities.

As a part of our planning for this new and improved library space, staff and board members have identified a number of key publications that we believe will considerably improve the depth and breadth of our collections in several subject areas that we expect to receive increased focus by users, post renovation, including:

1. Critical readings in race, ethnicity, and migration studies

2. Archival methods and digital / public humanities

3. Arabic as a foreign language teaching and learning (TAFL)

Even as we listen to the drilling going on in the building today, being able to imagine future studious library patrons—whether an Arabic-language study-abroad student, an educator fellow with our digital archive, or simply any member of the public who seeks to increase their knowledge of the dynamic past and present of the Middle East—we know there is a bright future ahead for our library community.

But we could really use your support!

Please consider pitching in a small amount today to help us reach our library acquisitions budget target for the year. All revenue from this campaign will go directly to the purchase of new and updated volumes for our library in the subject areas above.

Thank you for your encouragement, generosity, and support!

Will you help the ACOR library improve our offerings for students and researchers?

The American Center of Research is a non-profit research and educational institution, recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (EIN: 23-7084091). Thus, your donation is eligible as a charitable deduction for tax purposes, to the extent permitted by law.

This gallery provides a sneak peek of renovation work. You can view more on our dedicated webpage that we update weekly with the latest in renovation news. We cannot wait to serve the community again with improved facilities and collections in the near future!

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