2020/2021 Amman Center Renovations

On September 30, 2019, an agreement was signed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to authorize a grant for the renovation of ACOR’s purpose-built center in Amman. The center was first opened in 1986 and expanded in 2005. The 2020/21 renovation is being implemented by the United Nations Offices for Project Services (UNOPS) and intends to upgrade the facility with specific attention to safety and security, disability access, gender sensitivity, and upgrade of technological aspects to reduce operating costs. Our furniture and equipment in the seminar room, library, archives, study, and storage spaces will specifically benefit. Residential, dining, lounge, kitchens, and office spaces will also be improved.

The renovations will take place in two primary stages: 1) sixth, fifth, and portion of fourth floors (currently residential space, to be made residential and office space) and 2) the rest of the building. Stage one began in late November 2020 and is expected to run through approximately March 2021. Stage two will begin after stage one is complete and is expected to take approximately six months. ACOR will remain open throughout the renovations, though services may be interrupted or limited based on construction schedules.

Follow our progress below!

Start of new walls for relocated laundry room (January 14, 2021).
Entries for new emergency exits on north side of building (January 14, 2021).
Kitchen in the director’s apartment (January, 14, 2021).
Sixth floor apartments demolition and new electrical (January 7, 2021).
Hostel bathrooms being re-tiled (January 7, 2021).
New electrical lines being routed under the floors (January 7, 2021).
Video of the sixth floor (January 3, 2021).
Hostel 5th floor lounge area and former room 509 (January 3, 2021).
Hostel 5th floor lounge area and former room 509 (December 27, 2020).
Hostel 6th floor apartments during demolition (December 27, 2020).
Demolition in the director’s study (December 22, 2020).
Demolition of the director’s apartment kitchen (December 22, 2020).
Demolition of the floors in the 5th floor lounge and hostel area (December 20, 2020).
Demolition starting at 5th floor hostel lounge area; room 509 at right.
Short video: demolition in the 5th floor hostel rooms (December 17, 2020).
The first nail and official start of renovations! (December 9, 2020).

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