Fellows Awarded 2018–2019

National Endowment for the Humanities Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship

Bridget Guarasci (Anthropology, Franklin & Marshall College)
Ecologies of War: Restoring Iraq’s Marshes in Counterinsurgency

ACOR-CAORC Post-Graduate Fellowship

Kimberly Katz (History, Towson University)
Law and Society: Jordanian Rule in the Hebron District, 1951–53

Michael Morris (Independent Conservator)
The Conservation and Restoration of the Petra North Ridge Aphrodites

Jennifer Olmsted (Economics, Drew University)
Gender, Displacement, and Economic and Social Sustainability: A Study of Two Refugee Communities

ACOR-CAORC  Pre-Graduate  Fellowship

Allison Anderson (International Studies, University of Washington)
Seeing the Invisible Economy Online: Women’s Entrepreneurship in Jordan

Josephine Chaet
 (Anthropology, University of Illinois at Chicago)
‘Homeland’s Daughter, Everyone’s Sister’: Women’s Organizations, Political Participation, and the Jordanian State

Julia Gettle (History, Brown University)
Popular Politics in Greater Syria: Marxism and the Clash of Nationalisms, 1948 to 1970

Amy Karoll (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, University of California, Los Angeles)
Between Collapse and Mobility: Environmental Refugees in the Third Millennium B.C. Southern Levant

Jennifer C. Groot Memorial Fellowship

Joseph DiManno (History, SUNY Brockport)
The Petra Garden and Pool Project

Jordan Dopp (Lamar Dodd School of Art, University of Georgia)
The Petra Garden and Pool Project

Brittany Ellis (Anthropology, Harvard University)
A Developing Field: Public Archaeology at Tall Hisban

Pierre and Patricia Bikai Fellowship

Emily Edwards (Anthropology, East Carolina University)
Hesban Skeleton Sample from the Ottoman Era

Bert and Sally de Vries Fellowship

Michelle Heeman (Anthropology and History, SUNY Brockport)
The Petra Garden and Pool Project

Harrell Family Fellowship

Maria Magdalena Gajewska (Archaeology, University College London)
Hisban Cultural Heritage Project, Tall Hisban

James A. Sauer Fellowship

Salama Kassem (Archaeology, Bonn University)
Technology and Provenance of Glazed Pottery from Tall Hisban during the Middle Islamic Period

ACOR Jordanian Graduate Student Scholarship

Lama Al Hayek (Epigraphy, Yarmouk University)
The Aramaic Dead Sea Scrolls at the Jordan Museum

Neda’a Al Khazali (Epigraphy, Yarmouk University)
The Late Aramaic Tomb Inscriptions from Ghor al-Safi in the Historical, Religious, and Linguistic Contexts

Esam Al Omari (Epigraphy, Yarmouk University)
New Old North Arabian Inscriptions from Wadi Salhub

Wafaa Al Shalabi (Epigraphy, Yarmouk University)
Epigraphy Study

Kenneth W. Russell Memorial Fellowship

Wurood Abu-Mahfouz (Epigraphy, Yarmouk University)
University Study

Frederick-Wenger Jordanian Educational Fellowship

Mariam Mufleeh (The Hashemite University)
Bergesh Cave, University Study

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