Fellows Awarded 2011–2012

2011–2012 Fellowship Awardees Announcement

National Endowment for The Humanities Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship

Karen Britt (Art History Program, University of Louisville)
Eudokia: Byzantine Palestine and Arabia hath no better Patron than an Empress Scorned

Glenn Corbett (Independent Scholar)
Mapping the Mute Immortals: Thamudic Inscriptions and Rock Drawings in Context

ACOR-CAORC Post-Graduate Fellowship

Katherine Adelsberger (Environmental Studies, Knox College)
Small-Scale Hydrologic Interactions on the Dhiban Plateau

Björn Anderson (Art History, Minnesota State University, Moorhead)
Negotiating Identity in Nabataean Arabia

Karen Britt (Art History Program, University of Louisville)
Eudokia: Byzantine Palestine and Arabia hath no better Patron than an Empress Scorned

Patricia Fall (Geographical Sciences, Arizona State University)
Long-term Formation of Natural and Human Landscapes in the Middle East

Bridget Guarasci (Program in the Environment, University of Michigan)
Neoliberal Ecologies and Environmental Hazards: Iraqi Refugees in Amman

Nancy Lapp (Museum Curator Emerita, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary)
Research and Editing for the Final Publication of the Tell er-Rumeith Excavations of Paul W. Lapp in 1962 and 1967

Jason Rech (Geology, Miami University)
Assessing the Early Holocene Wet Phase in Southern Jordan: A Case Study from Wadi Hasa

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation East-Central European Research Fellowship

István Hajnal (Institute of Oriental Studies, Eötvös University, Budapest, Hungary)
Relations between the Nizari Isma’ilis [Assassins] and the Crusaders and other Muslim Political Powers in the 11th–13th Centuries

Beata Kowalska (Institute of Sociology, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland)
Gender and Citizenship in the Middle East: the Jordanian Case

Űlle Rannut (Integration Research Institute, Estonia)
The Rise of Ethno-linguistic Awareness within Circassian Community in Jordan

Tomász Waliszewski (Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw, Poland)
Farming the Borderland: Agriculture in Late Antique and Early Islamic Transjordan

ACOR-CAORC Fellowship

Nora Barakat (History, University of California, Berkeley)
Rethinking the Modern: Animals, Pastoral Nomads and Property Relations in Late Ottoman Syria

Kristen Kao (Political Science, University of California, Los Angeles)
Voting Preferences in the Middle East: Do Voters Equate Tribalism or Islamism with Patronage?

Brita Lorentzen (Geological Sciences, Cornell University)
Increasing the Precision and Accuracy of Levantine Chronologies Through Dendrochronological Dating of Historic and Archaeological Timbers in Jordan

Michael Makara (Political Science, Syracuse University)
Defiant Legislatures: Understanding Legislative Strength in the Middle East

Theodore Van Loan (History of Art, University of Pennsylvania)
Umar’s Bargain: Image Making and Image Beholding in Early Islam

ACOR Publication Fellowship

Steven Falconer (School of Human Evolution & Social Change, Arizona State University) Early Bronze IV Village Life During Urban Collapse in the Southern Levant: Publication of the Tell Abu en-Ni’aj Excavations

Reem Al-Shqour (Institute of Archaeology, Andrews University)
The Aqaba Castle Material Culture Publication Project

Jennifer C. Groot Fellowship

Nermin Abdulla (Graduate Student, Classical Art and Archaeology,King’s College London)
Bir Madhkur Project

Adam Bean (Graduate Student, Emmanuel School of Religion, A Graduate Seminary)
Karak Resources Project

Tiffany Key (Undergraduate, History, North Carolina State University)
Petra Pool and Garden Project

Harrell Family Fellowship

Heather Parker (Graduate Student, Near Eastern Studies, The Johns Hopkins University)
The Levant Comes of Age: The Ninth Century B.C.E. through Script Traditions

Pierre and Patricia Bikai Fellowship

Cassandra Bennett (Graduate Student, Ancient History, Macquarie University)
The Religious Beliefs of the Pre-Islamic Bedouin of Ancient North Arabian – As Seen in the Safaitic, Hismaic, Thamudic, Dedanite/Lihyanitic, Taymanite, and Dumaitic Inscriptions

Bert and Sally de Vries Fellowship and James A. Sauer Fellowship

Monique Vincent (Graduate Student, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, University of Chicago) Madaba Plains Project – Tall al-‘Umayri

MacDonald/Sampson Fellowship

Christopher Ames (Graduate Student, Anthropology, McGill University)
Druze Marsh Archaeology and Palaeoecology Project

Kenneth W. Russell Fellowship

Autumn Whiteway (Graduate Student, Anthropology, University of Calgary)
Ethnomedicine and Ethnobotany amongst the Bedouin of Jordan: Archaeological and Paleoecological Applications to Increase the Visibility of Pastoral Nomads through the Identification of Plant Subfossils

Frederick-Wenger Jordanian Educational Fellowship

Muaffaq Al-Khadir (Undergratuate Student, Archaeology, Yarmouk University)
Completion of BA in Archaeology and Epigraphy at Yarmouk University

ACOR Jordanian Graduate Student Scholarship

Wael Al-Hajaj (Graduate Student, Archaeology and Anthropology, Yarmouk University)
Ethnoarchaeology Study, Grain Storage Unit in Rhaba Village

Luma Haddad (Graduate Student, Archaeology and Sustainable Tourism, Queen Rania Institute, Hashemite University)
Amman and its Surrounding Areas in the Late Bronze Age: Sahab, a Case Study

Dima Khraishan (Graduate Student, Archaeology and Sustainable Tourism, Queen Rania Institute, Hashemite University)
The Role of Museums in Children’s Education: A Case Study of the Children’s Museum in Jordan

Amira Laban (Graduate Student, Archaeology of Ancient Arab Civilizations, Hashemite University) Functional and Geographical Analysis of the Distribution of the Stone Cairns in the Upper Wadi al-Zarqa

ACOR Jordanian Travel Scholarship for ASOR Annual Meeting

Reem Al-Shqour (Institute of Archaeology, Andrews University)
The Excavations at Aqaba Castle: A Window into the Islamic History of Jordan

Zakariya Na’imat (Archaeology, Mu’tah University)
Shuqayra al-Gharbiyya: An Early Islamic Elite Community on the Karak Plateau

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