Alex Brey

Alex Brey, 2014–2015 CAORC Pre-Doctoral Fellow Alex Brey is an ACOR-CAORC pre-doctorate  fellow who is enrolled in a  Ph. D. program in the Department of Art History at Bryn Mawr College in Philadelphia.  A few years ago, Alex came to Jordan while writing his masters thesis on the renowned Ummayyad Palace known Qasr Mshatta.  At […]

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Tracey Eckersley

Tracey Eckersley, 2013-14 Burton Macdonald and Rosemarie Sampson Fellow Tracey Eckersley was awarded the Burton MacDonald and Rosemarie Sampson Fellowship and was a scholar-in-residence at ACOR in the summer of 2014. While there, Tracey completed the research for her Ph.D. in Byzantine Art and Architecture at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, which she expects

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Vladimir Hamed-Troyansky

Vladimir Hamed-Troyansky, 2013–2014 Bikai Fellow Vladimir Hamed-Troyansky is a Ph.D. candidate in Ottoman and Modern Middle Eastern History at Stanford University. He held the Pierre and Patricia Bikai Fellowship at ACOR in August and September 2014.  His work in Jordan was the first part of a 13-month research expedition that includes archival research in Turkey,

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David Graf

Fellow David Graf (NEH & CAORC) 2013-14 David Graf has taught at the University of Miami since 1986 as a specialist in the history and archaeology of the Greco-Roman Near East. He is the author of Rome’s Arabian Frontier from the Nabataeans to the Saracens (1997), an associate editor of the multi-volume  Anchor Bible Dictionary

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Christian C. Sahner

Christian Sahner, 2013–2014 CAORC Pre-Doctoral Fellow Christian C. Sahner is an ACOR-CAORC Pre-Doctorate Fellow pursuing research in Jordan between June and August 2014. He is completing his Ph.D. in the Department of History at Princeton on the Christian neomartyrs of the early Islamic period. Christian studies Byzantine history, the transition from late antiquity to the

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Theresa Dazey

Theresa Dazey, 2013–2014 CAORC Pre-Doctoral Fellow Theresa Dazey is an ACOR-CAORC Pre-Doctorate Fellow pursuing her research in Jordan between September 2013 and February 2014. Theresa studies the settlement of Circassian communities in the late 19th century, especially their relations with already-established Jordanian communities. Much of her research is conducted through informal interviews with the descendants

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Elias Saba

Elias Saba, 2013–2014 CAORC Pre-Doctoral Fellow Elias Saba is an ACOR-CAORC Pre-Doctorate Fellow pursuing his research in Jordan between January and May of 2014. He is currently researching the development in Islamic legal-theoretical thinking during the 12th-15th centuries, specifically looking at the genres of lexical and legal distinctions. Lexical distinctions refer to the lexical differences

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