Emanuela Bocancea

Emmanuela Bocancea, 2014–2015 Burton MacDonald & Rosemarie Sampson Fellow

Emanuela Bocancea, Amman 2014, photo by B. A. Porter
Emanuela Bocancea, Amman 2014, photo by B. A. Porter

Emanuela Bocancea was awarded the Burton MacDonald and Rosemarie Sampson Fellowship and was a scholar in residence at ACOR in the spring of 2014. Emanuela is completing research for her anticipated Ph.D. degree in Archaeology at the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology & the Ancient World at Brown University in Rhode Island.

Emanuela is studying the nature of Roman imperialism during the period of Rome’s greatest territorial extent (2nd-3rd centuries CE). In particular, her dissertation examines the activities, organization, role, and impact of the Roman army in Arabia and Dacia – the final provinces incorporated into the Roman Empire.  Emanuela’s research is highlighting the differences and similarities of Roman military organization on two very different but contemporaneous imperial frontiers, and seeks to understand the overall role and impact of the Roman army in the creation of these two provincial societies.

Emanuela earned her B.A. in Classical Studies and her M.A. in Classical Archeology from the University of Alberta in Canada.  She has conducted archaeological fieldwork in Jordan, the British West Indies (Montserrat), Spain, Romania, and Greece.

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