David Graf

Fellow David Graf (NEH & CAORC) 2013-14

Graf, DavidDavid Graf has taught at the University of Miami since 1986 as a specialist in the history and archaeology of the Greco-Roman Near East. He is the author of Rome’s Arabian Frontier from the Nabataeans to the Saracens (1997), an associate editor of the multi-volume  Anchor Bible Dictionary (1994), and over 100 articles in scholarly journals. He was the first National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow in Jordan (in 1980) and a recent William F. Fulbright Scholar in Saudi Arabia (2003). He has participated in excavations on the Euphrates in Turkey and the Red Sea in Egypt, and is the current director of the Hellenistic Petra Project in Jordan and the leader of the first joint Saudi-American archaeological project in the SW Asir Province of Saudi Arabia. He has received fellowships at the Program in Hellenic Studies at Princeton University, the Center for Epigraphical and Paleographical Studies in the Department of Greek and Latin at Ohio State University, and at Harvard’s Byzantine Center at Dumbarton Oaks in Washington DC,and is a Member of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, and currently serves ASOR’s Committee on Archaeological Policy. As a NEH/ACORC Senior Fellow at ACOR (July-December 2014), he will be working on an epigraphical corpus  of Nabataean Aramaic, Greek and Pre-Islamic Arabian texts he has collected  between Amman and Aqaba since the early 1980s.

Click here to visit Dr. Graf’s page at the University of Miami website.

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