Archaeology in Jordan 2 launched online

Announcing the publication of Archaeology in Jordan 2: Field Seasons 2018-2019! 

Archaeology in Jordan (AIJ) is an open-access (OA) journal published by ACOR every two years. Its goal is to raise scholarly awareness of archaeological and cultural resource management projects being carried out in Jordan and to make this information accessible to a wider audience. 

Explore the latest volume—with 53 reports on incredible Jordanian archaeological sites and projects—at

Archaeology in Jordan 2: 2018–2019 (2020)

الإعلان عن نشر “علم الآثار في الأردن” المراسم الميدانية لعام 2018-2019  

علم الآثار في الأردن هي مجلة مفتوحة يصدرها أكور كل عامين تهدف إلى رفع مستوى الوعي العلمي بمشاريع إدارة الموارد الأثرية والثقافية التي يتم تنفيذها في الأردن، مما يجعل هذه المعلومات في متناول عدد كبير من الجمهور.  

استكشف العدد الأخير – مع 53 تقريرًا عن مواقع و مشاريع أثرية أردنية رائعة – على الرابط التالي

Keen to learn even more about the latest in archaeological findings in Jordan? Consider purchasing our most recent book, Petra: The North Ridge by P.M. Bikai, M.A. Perry, and C. Kanellopoulos (2020) (see image at right). This publication concerns the archaeological excavations of the Ridge Church and the Blue Chapel at Petra (Jordan). It represents the culmination of many years of work carried out by ACOR in coordination with the Department of Antiquities of Jordan and the Petra Park. This work was supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and many others, including members of the local communities.

You can purchase the book today on Amazon by using the link below:

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