Guidelines for Library Guests During
the COVID-19 Era

Last updated: May 15, 2022

We wish to provide you with access to our library while ensuring appropriate levels of safety during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Visitors are required to observe all of the following:

Visiting hours: Current hours are Sunday to Thursday and Saturday between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Requirements for access to the American Center

  • Patrons must provide proof of full vaccination doses (i.e., one Johnson & Johnson; two of other recognized vaccines) to enter the Center.
  • N95, KN95, or KF94 masks are the only acceptable masks for use in the Center are required and must be worn at all times.
  • Entry procedures are posted at the library door and must be observed, including taking temperature. If the temperature registers over 37.5 degrees, the guest may not enter. Anyone demonstrating other common symptoms of COVID-19 will also be denied entry.

Rules for patrons within the library


  • Users should be considerate of others and noise levels not interfere with others use of the Library.
  • Electronic devices without earphones or loud enough to disturb others are prohibited. Phones should be set to vibrate or silent mode when entering the Library.
  • Users who need to use make or receive a phone call are requested to do so in the Library Lobby or outside the building.
  • Non-resident users are limited to the Upper and Lower library floors, the Library Lobby, and the garden.

Using materials

  • Library materials must be handled gently, such that they are not mutilated, defaced, or damaged.
  • Books and journals – The Library does not check out or circulate books, journals, or newsletters to users. Materials may be taken from the shelves for use within the Library but cannot be taken outside (including the Library Lobby area). 
  • When searching or retrieving books from the Lower Library compact shelving, please be aware of other users when moving the shelves. 
  • Rare books / Oversized – Contact library staff to view items in the Rare Books room. When viewing the items it is necessary to sit at designated tables in the Upper Library.
  • Archives – Contact the Librarian and Archivist to discuss access to archival materials. A portion of visual materials related to Jordan and the region has been digitized and is available at
  • Maps – Contact library staff about accessing the map collection. 
  • Copyright and intellectual property laws of Jordan must be followed by users. While staff are happy to help users determine copyright status and fair use of items, it is ultimately the responsibility of the users that all applicable laws are followed.

Food and drink

  • No food is allowed in the library. Users may bring covered water to their table only, no drinks are allowed in the stacks or at computer terminals. Coffee, tea, and water are available in the Library Lobby and food may be consumed there or outside.


  • Smoking and vaping are not allowed anywhere at the American Center of Research.

Personal property

  • Library patrons are responsible for their personal property at all times, and should never leave personal property unattended. The Library is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal property.

Computer policy

  • Computers are available in the Upper and Lower libraries to patrons for research purposes. This includes databases with onsite only access, such as JSTOR.
  • Electronic databases for which the American Center of Research pays a fee to vendors are restricted to users physically in the Center. 
  • Library patrons must not maliciously access, alter, damage, or destroy any Library computer, equipment, or database.
  • The Library maintains a welcoming and safe environment for its users, computer usage in the library must support that
  • Library patrons must respect a staff member’s request to relinquish a computer or other equipment for use by another patron.

These procedures may change without notice and in response to the current COVID-19 circumstances. We thank you for your patience in advance.

Those who do not follow the above may be asked to leave and denied future access.

Thank you for your kind attention to the procedures.

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