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Through his more than six years of expertise as a printing specialist, Burhan Iskandar has discovered a special method to give back to the Amman Citadel community, blending his enthusiasm for giving visitors unforgettable experiences with his technical expertise. Burhan is innovative in that he gives visitors a means to actually record the spirit of their stay. Visitors can choose a location inside the Amman Citadel, have their picture taken, and then—magically—Burhan prints the image as a custom sticker for the back of their phone, providing a treasured keepsake of their trip.

This project is as unique as each visitor, making it a must-see during any visit. His work serves as an example of how a community’s tourism business can be shaped and elevated by enthusiasm, technical know-how, and a distinct vision. Burhan is capturing the greatest moments for visitors to his town, Amman Citadel, one picture at a time, giving a lasting impression.

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