New Brochures for ACOR

In 2013 ACOR developed a number of new promotional materials to support ongoing outreach and fundraising efforts  Please view the new brochures below. You will also find links to download old ACOR brochures from our archives.

ACOR Temple of Winged Lions Brochure (2016)

This publication highlights the goals and accomplishments of the Temple of the Winged Lions Cultural Resource Management Initiative in Petra.

(click here to download the brochure as a pdf)



ACOR Tri-Fold Brochure (2013)BrocCoverOnly120pxwide

This publication contains the most current information about the center and its myriad of activities. It is the work of then ACOR Development Officer Yumna Abu Hassan and Graphic Designer Jumana Abdel Azziz in 2013. The picture on the cover is from the Blue Chapel in Petra, photo by Q. Tweissi.

(click here to download the brochure as a pdf)




ACOR Library (2013)

This publication promotes the ACOR Library and highlights its important contribution to the work of Jordanian scholars and the development of new cadres of Jordanians trained in all aspects of cultural resource management.

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Jordanian Amer Souleiman, JGSS awarded 2009-10

Jordanian Graduate Student Scholarship (2013)

This publication promotes the Jordanian Graduate Student Scholarship, a new ACOR fellowship created in 2008 that supports selected Jordanian graduate students enrolled in Cultural Heritage Studies such as archaeology, history, epigraphy, museum studies, and sustainable tourism.

(click here to download the brochure as a pdf)


You may also be interested to download past brochures about ACOR and ACOR projects.

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