ACOR Publication Fellowship Temple of the Winged Lions

An award of a Fellowship for six months for a scholar with a recent Ph.D (2015 or later) or a scholar who will have submitted their Ph.D thesis by December 31, 2018. A strong research background in Nabataean archaeology or the Classical Near East is preferred. With the support of ACOR staff, the Fellow is expected to help assess the archive and related artifacts from the Temple of the Winged Lions (American Expedition to Petra and TWLCRM Initiative) housed at ACOR to help prepare a grant application for a multi-year collaborative research and publication project. The Fellow is expected to carry out a bibliographical review of the Temple of the Winged Lions and prepare a report that draws upon key research questions associated with the site, as well as recommendations based on their assessment of the material. The Fellow will also be expected to carry out their work alongside ACOR staff, and in close collaboration with the ACOR Associate Director/TWLCRM Initiative Project Director, ACOR Archivist, and Project Interns. Experience with artifacts and archival materials in physical and digital form is desirable.

The award for six months is $25,200, which includes room and board at ACOR, return transportation to Jordan, and a stipend. The Fellow must be resident at ACOR, Amman, Jordan. during the Fellowship period. Open to non-US citizens. Applicants must use their award between January 15, 2018 and September 30, 2019.

Applications must be submitted by November 1, 2018 through the CAORC Grants Application Portal.  To apply, you must first create an account on the CAORC portal before selecting this fellowship and submitting your application online:

For enquiries, please write to

Submission Requirements 

Personal Statement:  Please prepare a summary document in no more than 500 words to explain why you should be considered for this Fellowship, including a summary of your skills and experience relevant to the role.

Letters of Recommendation: Please submit two (2) letters of recommendation. You will be able to send a link to your recommenders via the application website and they will then be able to upload their letters. Ph.D. candidates must have one letter from an Academic Advisor with a signed Academic Advisor form. All references must be in English. Do not submit more than two letters of recommendation. Please remove all password protections from transcripts prior to submission.

Curriculum Vitae: Three (3) pages maximum. Additional pages will not be submitted to the review committee. Please ensure that prior awards and language capacity are clearly noted.

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