Supporting the ACOR Facility

There are two ways to direct donations intended to support the ACOR facility in Amman Jordan. 

1.  The Annual Fund  

Donations to the Annual Fund are used directly by ACOR to help pay for the maintenance and running operational expenses for the building and the employees in Amman.  For example, if it were necessary the ACOR administration could draw from this fund to upgrade computer software in the computer lab. Some upgrades to the ACOR facility that we hope to achieve in the future include improving the ventilation system in the ACOR kitchen and installing photo-voltaic panels on the roof to capture solar energy and reduce the institutional electricity expenses.

2.  The General Endowment

The General Endowment is an investment that is professionally managed on ACOR’s behalf by a private company.  ACOR is not able to draw on the principal of the endowment, but may draw on the interest earned. Income from the fund is to be used for ACOR’s general operations. 

The General Endowment consists of donations from numerous parties. It also includes funds from a Challenge Grant from the United States National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). 

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