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ACOR expresses its deep appreciation and thanks to the programs, institutions, and individuals who have given financial support and contributions to the TWLCRM Initiative, as well as to those who continue to support ACOR’s goals in bringing the final publication of the site to fruition.

Major Financial Support

The U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) first awarded the TWLCRM Initiative a large grant in 2011 to support the documentation, conservation, presentation, and landscape rejuvenation of the Temple of the Winged Lions, an important monumental complex within the UNESCO World Heritage site of Petra. The project was awarded a second AFCP grant for 2015–2016 to expand conservation efforts and improve the site’s accessibility and presentation. Read “Temple of the Winged Lions Awarded Renewal Grant from Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation” for more details.

Since its inception, the TWLCRM Initiative has been supported through ACOR’s Permanent USAID Endowment (now called the ACOR Cultural Heritage Fund), which was intended to help ACOR preserve and protect Jordan’s cultural heritage. Endowment funds were used to develop the project’s initial assessment phase and, since 2011, have covered logistical support and in-country expenses and travel for key personnel and interns, including conservation experts.

The project has benefited from support provided by the USAID Sustainable Cultural Heritage Through Engagement of Local Communities Project (SCHEP). Between November 2015 and July 2017, SCHEP funded the project’s local partner, Sela for Vocational Training and Protection of Cultural Heritage, to develop and implement a community-based training program in site conservation and preservation at the Temple of the Winged Lions. Focusing primarily on the temple’s problematic southwest quadrant, Sela trained and certified nearly 70 individuals from Petra’s communities in archaeology, conservation, documentation, and site presentation. Since then USAID SCHEP has continued to support the TWLCRM Initiative and its team as it carried out further conservation, site improvements, documentation, training, educational programs, and visitor surveys. More information about SCHEP’s involvement with the Temple of the Winged Lions can be found at SCHEP’s webpage about the project.

“The Temple of the Winged Lions Publication Project” is being funded via the U.S National Endowment for the Humanities’s Collaborative Research Grants program. The grant provides $199,914 over two years to support to bring the TWL project to publication. It will support several staff at ACOR, 10 external scholars to complete manuscripts for the final publication, and 10 further consultants to perform other tasks directly relevant to that publication (e.g., scientific testing, analyses, photography, drawings). 

Royal Jordanian Airlines has been a proud sponsor of the TWLCRM Initiative. In providing complimentary flights for TWLCRM specialist team members coming from abroad, Royal Jordanian helps ensure the project’s conservation and preservation efforts meet the highest international standards. This support also allows the project’s limited funds to be directed toward training staff and offering much-needed employment opportunities within Petra’s local communities. In recognition of this support, Royal Jordanian is the preferred airline of ACOR and the TWLCRM Initiative.

Private and Individual Supporters

Donna H. Antoon
Nancy Bookidis
Glenn Corbett and Elena Corbett
Far Horizons
Jack Green and Akemi Horii
Valerie Hird
Ellen Porter Honnet and Charles Honnet
Knox College under the auspices of Judith Donaldson
Debra Mosel
Jeff Loree
Joan MacIver
Stanley M. and Phemie C. Maxwell
Barbara A. Porter
Rochelle Snee
Ann Syring
Lucine Taminian
Christopher A. Tuttle
Benjamin P. Unger
Lucy Wadeson
The Wang Family Foundation through the auspices of Laura Wen-Yu Youg and Frank Wang

To continue supporting ACOR’s work on the Temple of the Winged Lions, please consider making a donation. Your funds will go toward continued conservation efforts at the site, as well as preparations toward the final publication of the Temple of the Winged Lions.

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