Student Groups

ACOR is a wonderful location for short term educational programs that aim to bring international students to Jordan for area studies, language studies, or volunteer service.  

Dr. Christopher Parker, professor of political science at Ghent University in Belgium commented “I have organized a study trip to Jordan for students in our “conflict and Development Studies” master’s degree program.  We typically travel with a group of 20-30.  I would not have been able to organize such a trip at an affordable price if it were not for ACOR.  The facility is uniquely equipped and staffed to support research and study-related travel.


Below are brief profiles to just a few selected programs that have made ACOR their base in Jordan for some years:

  • Soccer for Peace
  • DePaulUniversity, ChicagoUSA
  • Ghent University, Belgium – Masters Degree students pursuing the Master of Conflict and Development at Ghent Univeristy may choose to participate in an annual spring trip to Jordan where the student group principally resides at ACOR.  The program incorporates organized lectures as well as independent small research projects that the students execute during their
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