Mosaics of Jordan

Mosaics of Jordan

The Mosaics of Jordan remains ACOR’s best selling book, twenty years after it was first published in 1993.  The 383-page volume details Jordan’s rich heritage in Roman, byzantine and Umayyad mosaics.  303 pages are in full color.  There are 824 illustrations, including aerial views of many of the sites and plans of most of the structures which have mosaics.

The Mosaics of Jordan brought together material which was previously scattered in innumerable journals and reports and includes a number of previously unpublished mosaics.

The Mosaics of Jordan was made posible through support provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to assist in the development of high-quality printing in Jordan.  The book was printed by the Jordan Press foundation, and stitched and bound locally.

Income from sales of the book are used for the publication of other works on the art and archaeology of Jordan.  The Mosaics of Jordan is currently in its third printing.

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