ACOR: The First 25 Years. The American Center of Oriental Research: 1968-1993


Published as part of ACOR’s celebration of its 25th year in 1993. At the time of publication, this book marked a transition for the institution: from young and struggling to established member of the intellectual community in Jordan. It presents a history of North American archaeological research in Jordan from the Expedition of W.F. Lynch in the mid-19th century to the modern era. ACOR’s establishment and origins are traced, from its beginnings with the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) to the creation of its new center in the mid-1980s, with key partners including the Department of Antiquities, the University of Jordan, and U.S. funding agencies. A section on archaeological projects in Jordan supported by ACOR includes summaries of Ain Ghazal, the Baq‘ah Valley Survey, the Amman Temple, and the Petra Church. Edited by P.M. Bikai with multiple contributors. Out of stock. Out of print. Available online as a downloadable pdf.

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