Petra Church Conservation Initiative: Donors and Adoptions

Donors to the Petra Church Conservation Endowment:

Judith Adams; Anonymous; Joan Barker; Thomas and Francesca Bennett; Willoughby Bishop and Augusta W. Bishop; Lee and Doris Ann Brigham; Carlisle Foundation (through auspices of Mr. and Mrs. Grant M. Wilson), Cavaliere Foundation, Inc. (through auspices of James Knight); Joyce E. Chelberg; Gilbert and Marie Cleasby; James and Dorothy Conant; Cynthia Infantino Trust (in memory of Stephen Infantino); Colin Davies and Mary Lane; Gene and Judy Flath; Gambs Family Foundation; James Garland and Carol Andreae; Edward Gnehm; Ruth S. Hughes; William and Letitia Jarvis; Yona Joest; Joukowsky Family Foundation (through auspices of Artemis A. W. Joukowsky and Martha Sharp Joukowsky); Robert and Emily King; The Martin Bucksbaum Family Foundation (through auspices of Melva Bucksbaum); Joan MacIver; John and Nancy Neerhout; San and Joanne Orr; Jon and Barbara Pearl; John Prinscott; Nancy C. Reynolds; Austin Ritterspach and Norma Sullivan; Charles and Anne Roos; Seven Wonders Travel (through auspices of Janice Lynn Brannon); David and Janelle Shaffer; Kathleen Daubert Smith; Luther Soules III and Andrea Marie Morrison; Ronald and Ruth Anna Stolk; Paula Swart; T.C. Swartz and TCS Expeditions; Britt Tidelius; Tony and Gail Vander Heide; Ronald Verdoon; Harold and Judy Zimmerman

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