Newsletter 35.2 (Covering July–December 2023) Published

1 March 2024

The next issue of our newsletter (35.2) is now available online! It will be arriving in mailboxes later this month.

This issue features:

  • The first-ever underwater archaeological exploration of the Dead Sea by a team of divers—at the ancient port site of Kallirhoe, the harbor that served the fortress on Mount Machaerus.
  • The beginning of three new Department of Antiquities projects: the Aqaba Church, Karak Castle, and Bayt Ras theater.
  • The final activities undertaken by USAID SCHEP.
  • A new discovery by the Abdoun Community Archaeology Project and its volunteers.
  • A dendrochronology field school.
  • Updates about fellowship awards, the library and archive, publications, and much more!

Download your copy!

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