Announcing the ACOR–Fulbright Jordan Lecture Series

25 March 2021

We are pleased to announce that, beginning in 2021, the American Center of Research (ACOR) and the Fulbright Commission of Jordan will launch a new collaborative semiannual lecture series to celebrate the lasting contributions and careers of alumni of our mutually supportive programs.

This initiative will serve as part of worldwide celebration of the Fulbright Commission’s 75th global anniversary in 2021, coinciding with the 50th year of ACOR fellowships, the first of which was awarded in 1971. Over the decades, thousands of researchers have received support from ACOR and the Fulbright Program in Jordan and the United States.

ACOR-Fulbright Lectures will take place twice a year, specifically featuring a speaker who is a past recipient of a Fulbright award and/or an ACOR fellowship. We look forward to sharing with you a wide range of academic experiences through the distinguished alumni of these research programs. The first lecture will be delivered by Dr. Maysoon Al-Nahar of the University of Jordan. Dr. Al-Nahar previously received a scholarship to do her Ph.D. in anthropology at Arizona State University through the Fulbright Program in 1995. She has collaborated with and supported the work of a number of ACOR fellows over the years, including in current capacity as professor at the University of Jordan, dean of archaeology (2013–2017), and currently as editor in chief for the Jordan Journal for History and Archaeology. She herself was a recipient of a Harrell Family Fellowship from ACOR in 1996.

For more information about this and other upcoming public talks, please see

Please note that Dr. Al-Nahar’s lecture will be delivered in Arabic, with translated English aids.

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