Abdoun Community Archaeology Project Volunteer Announcement

July 3, 2022; updated 13 July, 2023


Please see the Abdoun Community Archaeology Project page for the latest updates about the project and for information about how to apply to participate.


Photo by Khadija Adam Toh.

The American Center of Research, in partnership with the Department of Antiquities (DoA), invites all those interested in participating in the preservation of archaeological heritage and acquiring skills in archaeological fieldwork on a voluntary basis, as well as students wishing to acquire practical and scientific skills through archaeological documentation and excavation, to join volunteer work on the site of Abdoun South.

Project Description

The Abdoun South site is located in the heart of one of the most important areas of Amman. Found within the Japanese Garden opened in 2010, this archaeological site consists of several buildings built of limestone blocks. Its history dates back to the era of the Ammonite Kingdom, specifically to Iron Age II (8th–6th centuries BCE), and it was reused during the Roman, Ayyubid, and Mamluk periods. The area was first noted archaeologically in 1880 by the Survey of Eastern Palestine. 

Orthophoto (a type of photographic map) of the site by Ehab Al Jariri.


The goal is to undertake an archaeological project that involves volunteers of any nationality from the community who are keen to learn about and protect cultural heritage, as well as students who wish to acquire new skills in archaeological fieldwork under the supervision of specialists.

Surveying the site. Photo by Bahaa El Din Saleh.

Terms and Rules:

Volunteer participation and training commitments

  • Follow all instructions approved by the project supervisor for your safety and for consideration of the site.
  • Take care when performing all tasks and always follow the instructions given by the project supervisor.
  • If you have difficulty understanding or implementing a task, contact the supervisor immediately.
  • Have a spirit of participation, teamwork, and coexistence with your fellow colleagues.
  • Pay close attention to instructions before undertaking a task.
  • Tools will be shared, and their use explained, by the official on the site. Ensure that you use the tools correctly and return them at the end of the day clean and in good condition.
  • In the event that the remains of foundations or other archaeological discoveries appear during the work, training will cease immediately and the supervisor will review the situation. The supervisor is directly in charge at all times to assist you during the project.
  • You must bring proof of identity when attending to the site.
  • If you agree to the previously stated terms and rules, the relevant waiver must be signed. Click here to download the waiver.
  • If you a desire to volunteer and undertake training in archaeological fieldwork but are under legal age (less than eighteen years of age), please have your parent or legal guardian approve your volunteer work through this link. Your parent or legal guardian must be present on site with you during working hours.

Physical health recommendations

  • Wearing a white shirt or top is preferred because it will reflect sunlight and help keep your body cool during working hours.
  • Wearing athletic shoes (sneakers, trainers) is recommended to protect your feet and the site.
  • Wearing a hat to protect your head from sunlight is recommended during working hours, as is the use of sunblock.
  • You should bring a lunchbox (according to your personal needs) for break time. The site must be maintained clean and in excellent condition.
  • In case of any kind of cut or scrape, go to the first-aid boxes and help yourself or ask for help from the supervisor on the site, for the sake of your safety.
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