Jalal Alheji

“Neolithic Sickle Blades of Tell Abu Suwwan from the 2005–2008 Excavation: Descriptive, Analytical the Comparative Study”

Jordanian Graduate Student Scholarship, 2022 – 2023

Yarmouk University

Jalal Aljehi has participated in many archaeological excavations, including at Tell Ushayer in 2021 with the Free University of Berlin, Umm Qais Jadara in 2016 with Yarmouk University, and Tell Al-Hosn with Yarmouk University in 2019. He has also worked on the maintenance of sensitive artifacts, such as paper, paintings, papyrus, inscriptions, stone inscriptions, and manuscripts written on skin and parchment. He has participated in many international research activities in the field of archaeology and anthropology in cooperation with universities such as Pantheon Sorbonne, Gobierno de Cantabaria, Oxford, Amsterdam, and Freie Berlin. He was also responsible for managing important scientific and international conferences dealing with the preservation of cultural and historical heritage with the help of the German “Alexander von Humboldt” Foundation, in addition to the Adumat conference.

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