Sherihan Inalo

Sherihan Inalo, Bert and Sally de Vries Fellowship 2024-2025

Tall Hisban, Madaba Plains Project

Bert and Sally de Vries Fellowship

University of Bonn
Islamic Archaeology

Sherihan Inalo is a PhD student of the Islamic Archaeology Research Unit at the University of Bonn, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Bethany J. Walker. She obtained an MA from the University of Bonn in Islamic archaeology and a BA in archaeology from the University of Aleppo. Ms. Inalo is researching a thesis entitled “Decoding Spoliation: The Materiality of Rebuilding in Medieval Islamic Syria.” Her thesis will discuss the decision-making processes surrounding returning to and rebuilding a place after leaving it, as well as the reoccupation of abandoned places. These and other related questions will be investigated from an archaeological standpoint by looking at spolia as material evidence for people’s decisions. The geographical scope of this research is Bilād al-Shām, focusing especially on what is now known as modern Syria and Jordan. Ms. Inalo will use the 2024–2025 Bert and Sally de Vries Fellowship to join the survey and excavation of the agricultural terraces in the Wadi Hisban that will be led by Prof. Dr. Bethany J. Walker in the autumn of 2024.

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