Qais Wedyan

Qais Wedyan, Jordanian Graduate Student Scholarship 2024-2025

“Tell Abu Suwwan: A Socio-Economic Study during the Neolithic Period”

Jordanian Graduate Student Scholarship

University of Jordan
Archaeology and Tourism

Qais Ahmad Al Wedyan graduated with a BA in archaeology from the University of Jordan in 2019, which also included an enriching six-month educational experience in the Erasmus+ program in Hungary. He is currently pursuing his MA in archaeology at the University of Jordan. He has worked as a participant or excavation supervisor at various sites in Jordan, including Tell Abu Suwwan, Qaser Al-Ahmar, Jerash, and Abu Alzigan. He also held a position as a researcher with the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan, working on public opinion polls and surveys. His professional goal is to contribute to archaeological research and the preservation of cultural heritage by working in an institution specialized in this field, and to develop his research and analytical skills in archaeology.

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