Leigh-Ann Bedal

“The Petra Pool and Garden Complex Volume 1: History, Excavation, and Interpretation”

ACOR-CAORC Postdoctoral Fellowship

Penn State Erie, The Behrend College

Leigh-Ann Bedal is associate professor of anthropology at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College. She is an archaeologist of the ancient Near East who specializes in urbanization, water systems, and ancient gardens. She earned her BA in anthropology from Cal State Northridge, her MA in Near Eastern studies from University of California Berkeley, and her PhD in anthropology from University of Pennsylvania. Her field experience includes excavations at Nineveh in Iraq, Tell Ahmar in Syria, and Stabiae in Italy, and she has directed the Petra Garden and Pool Complex (PGPC) archaeological project in Petra, Jordan, since 1998. During her residency at the American Center of Research she will concentrate on writing up the final report on the results of nine field seasons of excavation of the PGPC site.

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