Kayssa Mavrides Sales

Kayssa Mavrides Sales, Lawrence T. Geraty Travel Scholarship 2024-2025

Khirbat Iskandar Expedition

Lawrence T. Geraty Travel Scholarship

Sapienza University of Rome
Cultural Heritage in the Near and Middle East and Africa

Kayssa Mavrides Sales (Sciences of Antiquities, Sapienza University of Rome) has a background encompassing art/education, cultural heritage, and archaeology. She has an MA in the cultural heritage of the Near and Middle East and Africa from Sapienza University of Rome. Her thesis there focused on applying Edmund Burke Feldman’s critical image-reading performance to the teaching of Near Eastern archaeology in museum environments. Before this, Kayssa obtained a degree in visual arts from the Fine Arts University of São Paulo, where she specialized in art/education, initiating her research in image-reading methodologies applied to the teaching of Near Eastern material culture. In Brazil, she worked for years as an art teacher at a public school in São Paulo. Kayssa has been actively involved in two archaeological missions in the Levant. In 2023 she participated as a student in the Lebanese Italian Archaeological Project in the Region of Tyre, Lebanon, photographing pottery materials from surveys at the site of Ras el-Ain and helping with a sondage at Tell Shawakeer. Recently, she joined the effort to document potsherds from the previous campaign at Khirbat Iskandar. Kayssa is particularly interested in how to communicate the ancient Near East through pedagogies to the most diverse audiences.

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